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TRACtion is a game-changer that will
empower artist careers.

  • Getting an artist to breakthrough is an increasingly difficult prospect in the country music industry.  Radio airplay still plays a key role in the process.
  • TRACtion is music recognition software that monitors the online stream of terrestrial radio stations giving you the ability, in real time, to track and detect real radio airplay spins across the U.S.
  • While TRACtion’s focus is on the many stations in the secondary radio market (where the core country fan lives), the stations monitored by TRACtion are in markets of all sizes across the entire U.S.
  • Obtaining accurate information on radio airplay in these markets was previously not possible until the development of TRACtion.

Why Use TRACtion?

  • Book gigs where you know you are getting airplay.
  • Geographically target your efforts and money in:
    • Public Relations
    • Street Teams
    • Social Media
    • Advertising
    • Email Marketing
  • Know where you are NOT getting airplay and adjust your efforts accordingly.

Who Should Be Using TRACtion?

  • Artists
  • Record Labels
  • Managers
  • Booking Agents
  • Publicists
  • Radio Promoters
  • Publishers
  • Music Supervisors
  • Promotional/Ad Agencies
Did you know…it takes anywhere from 150-200 spins in a market to create enough familiarity to book hard ticket gigs…gigs that will make you money.
  • What I love about TRACtion software is that it creates true transparency. Being able to track and monitor my artists’ through monitored airplay spins is a game changer in itself. Being able to compile tangible data and information allows us to expand and broaden our reach in to new markets and regions. Everybody should have TRACtion!”

    Steve Popovich Amerimonte Records-Dallas, TX
  • TRACtion is something the industry has needed for a long time.  Not only is it a valuable resource to every artist & label, but it allows stations like mine to really shine.  Congratulations to CDX for developing and offering this essential tool!

    Ryan McCall Music Director - WGLR
  • In nearly every situation, information is key to success. GrassRoots is focused on creating, identifying and connecting with demand for an artist, and we have always relied on information to accomplish that. TRACtion is a new key on our ring as we utilize new monitored data in our markets and new charts to showcase that play. We're excited to see TRACtion gaining traction!"

    Nancy Tunick Managing Partner/Co-owner, GrassRoots Promotion
  • TRACtion is an enlightening new tool to use for label promotion. It's great to see the same quantifiable information from these stations as you get with the larger monitored markets. The legitimacy of the chart and its tracking data is helpful to anyone...independents & majors alike...who is marketing and promoting to radio!"

    Bob Reeves Reviver Records

660 Radio Stations
(and counting)

  • Make better touring and promotion decisions by knowing the entire story.
  • Reports you can pull include:
    • Month-over-month reports of radio play by market to present to agents/venue owners
    • Playlists of radio stations to identify markets receptive to independent music
    • Daypart tracking to identify maximum exposure and help predict show attendance (know if you’re getting all important daytime spins…)
  • This was not possible until the development of TRACtion.

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